Is This the Real Life?

In the modern digitized world, filled with apps, product placements and information overload, how can you separate reality from illusion?

Red Rabbit offers an immersive online experience happening in real life. Helsinki is our playground and the performers are everybody who passes by during the experience. This three hour event guides you through the city while combining elements from escape rooms, geocaching and horror houses. How you want to play your part, is up to you.

Make a Choice.

All you need to do now is pick a date, reserve a ticket and wait for further instructions. We’ll take care of the rest.

The dark world of Red Rabbit opens on Friday May 5th, 2017 and the showtime is on weekends from Friday to Sunday. Reserve your tickets early, because the experience will only be open until 21.5.2017.

The experience is 130 euros for groups of 1–2 persons and 180 euros for groups of 3–4 persons.


Adults Only.

The experience is for adults only and you can participate in groups of 1–4 people. The experience may include the following: graphic scenes, strong language, simulated violence, mental, verbal and physical abuse, sexual content and touching, yelling, loud voices, tight spaces, total darkness, different weather conditions, strong odours, exposure to water and other liquids, physical contact, bondage and crawling. The experience is presented in Finnish and it is not suitable for the disabled or pregnant.