Can I bring my friend along? We’d like to do this together!

Of course you can. Bring as many people as you like. Just remember that all your friends have to have their own ticket and the maximum number of participants we can take for one show is 6. And prepare for some twists and turns.

For groups of 6+ we offer special discounts and services. Ask us for more details!

How long does the show take?

The entire Motel experience lasts approximately 60–75 minutes.

What’s the location? Where should I go?

The starting point of the show is at Kulttuuritalo, Sturenkatu 4, Helsinki. Please arrive there 5–10 minutes early. You will receive further instructions to your phone there.

The instructions say that I need a mobile phone. Why’s this?

You should take with you a charged mobile phone with a data plan. It is important for the beginning of the show as you will be streaming a short video and voice clip. Please also bring headphones for your own comfort.

If you don’t own a phone with a data plan, we have a couple extra ones we can borrow; let us know about this when making the booking by filling out the Mobile Phone field.

I can’t understand Finnish. Is the show available in English as well?

Unfortunately all the shows in April 2017 are in Finnish. However, special shows in English will start running in May 2017 and we’ll inform about these later. If you have a Finnish friend that can accompany you during the experience, you might survive, but otherwise we suggest you wait until the tickets for the shows in English become available.

I bought a ticket, but I can’t go. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. We will not handle refunds. Try to sell the ticket to a friend first. In the fortunate case the we’re sold out, you can also ask our support ( if there are people in the line.

What should I wear?

Your clothes might get dirty, so do not wear your best suit. Also, we do not recommend using high heels.

Can I drink alcohol before the experience to relax?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure the safety of our actors and customers, we can’t allow people to participate if they are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Of course after the experience you can do whatever you like.

Is there a place where I can leave my belongings before the show?

Yes, there will be a place for your bags and other stuff. However, we still recommend that you leave your valuables at home. The production company will not be responsible if something happens to your belongings.

Who’s behind After Dark Helsinki?

Monsters. Well, not really. Just a group of enthusiastic people. You can find our producers contact details on the Contact Us page.