Are You Ready to Be Slaughtered?

Slaughterhouse is a Halloween scare attraction for over 16-year-olds 2.–4.11.2017

The Slaughterhouse Halloween 2017

Twenty minutes of pure goresplattersh*t, jump scares and hordes of scary stuff. Walk into the SLAUGHTERHOUSE scare attraction and try to get out alive – you still might lose a finger or two! No one under 16 admitted.

After Dark Helsinki – Slaughterhouse is part of the Teurastamo Halloween event.

For 3 Nights Only on Halloween Week

  • Where? At the Abattoir (Teurastamo), near Kalasatama in Helsinki
  • When? For three nights during the Halloween week: Thu 2.11., Fri 3.11. and Sat 4.11.
  • What? After Dark Helsinki – Slaughterhouse is a scare attraction (haunted house/maze) for over 16-year-olds. It’s scary and intensive and there are live scare actors. The experience takes about 20 minutes. Besides the scare attraction, there will be other Halloween-related program at the Abattoir (Teurastamo)
  • How? Get your ticket online and exchange it to a wristband at the venue. To ensure entrance, arrive at the venue the time it says in your ticket. However, the wristband is valid for the entire night, so if the line is not too long, you’re more than welcome to experience the scare attraction more than once during the night.

Are you ready to be slaughtered?

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No One Under 16 Admitted

The age limit to this scare attraction is 16. Please be aware that you may encounter: graphic scenes, strong language, simulated violence, yelling, loud voices, tight spaces, total darkness, fog, light effects, strong odours, exposure to water and other liquids, and crawling.

Your clothes may get dirty, so don’t wear your best suit. The actors might or might not touch you. Strobe lighting is being used during the show. The experience is not suitable for physically challenged.