Can I bring my friend along? We’d like to do this together!

Of course you can. Bring as many people as you like. Just remember that all your friends have to have their own ticket. And prepare for some twists and turns.

Large groups can contact our sales: tel. +358 50 339 3466,

How long does the show take?

“Teurasmuseo” lasts about one hour.

What’s the location? Where should I go?

The Slaughterhouse scare attraction is at the Abattoir (Teurastamo), Työpajankatu 2, Helsinki. Your tour will start near some portable toilets and a sauna.

I can’t understand Finnish. Is the show available in English as well?

Not for now, unfortunately. We will however arrange some English language experiences in the future, so stay posted.

I bought a ticket, but I can’t go. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. We will not handle refunds. Try to sell the ticket to a friend, for example.

What should I wear?

Your clothes might get dirty, so do not wear your best suit. Also, we do not recommend using high heels.

Can I drink alcohol before the experience to relax?

To ensure the safety of our actors and customers, we can’t allow people to participate if they are under heavy influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Is there a place where I can leave my belongings before the show?

At the Teurastamo, there isn’t a place for your personal belongings, so leave them home or you have to carry them through the entire experience.

Who’s behind After Dark Helsinki?

Monsters. Well, not really. Just a group of enthusiastic people. You can find our producers contact details on the Contact Us page.