Community for Those of Us Who Don’t Belong

Have you ever felt that uneasy feeling that you just don’t fit in? The Coven is a community for us who enjoy all things dark and strange; whether it’s freaky movies, haunted places or eery stories.

We’ve got some terrifying things coming up this spring for the members of the Coven. Horror Movie Night, a game-like experience happening in public space, Early Bird tickets for our latest immersive horror experience The Motel… Some of the members-only events are free and some have entrance fee.

You can apply for a membership by filling out The Membership Application below. It’s free, but it’ll take 2–3 days for us to review your application. If you apply before 19 February 2017, you’ll also receive a personal invitation to the Devil’s Mardi Gras Party on 24 February.

The Coven – Membership Application

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