"Even psychopaths have emotions, then again, maybe not."

Book a Room. Stay for Breakfast.

It’s a small motel. Only a few, cramped rooms. But it’s cheap, breakfast is always included and there is a certain charm in this old building. It feels like time has stopped here. And the owner is nice. Very nice.

75-Minute Live Horror Experience

After Dark Helsinki – The Motel is an immersive live horror experience situated in an old industrial building in Kallio, Helsinki. The experience lasts 60–75 minutes and you will be in small groups of 2–6. The premiere is on Wednesday 19.4.2017 and the show will run weekly after that. Tickets for the show can be booked two months in advance.

"I was born with the devil in me."

"I was born with the evil one standing as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world."

No One Under 18 Admitted

The After Dark Helsinki experience is for adults only. The experience may include the following: graphic scenes, strong language, simulated violence, mental, verbal and physical abuse, sexual content and touching, yelling, loud voices, tight spaces, total darkness, fog, light effects, strong odours, exposure to water and other liquids, physical contact, bondage and crawling.

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