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Halloween is right around the corner...

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After Dark Helsinki is a pop-up Haunted House Experience that has taken place so far in Marian sairaala, an abandoned hospital in the very heart of Helsinki, and Hotel Vuoranta, an abandoned hotel in Eastern Helsinki. And Halloween 2016 is right around the corner…

No one under 18 admitted.The experience may include graphic scenes, strong language, sexual content, yelling, loud voices, tight spaces, darkness, fog, strobe light effects, strong odors, exposure to water, physical contact, and crawling. Your clothes may get dirty.

All participants have to sign a waiver to consent that their participation is strictly voluntary. There will be a safety word, which, if used, will end the show immediately and the participant will be removed from the location. 19.4.2016: Tällainen on Marian sairaalaan rakennettu K-18-kauhutalo – testasimme
Kulttuurikuuri 30.5.2016: Toista kertaa K-18-kauhutalossa: karmivia kokemuksia hylätyssä sairaalarakennuksessa


To be announced


To be announced


Your safety is our top concern. Please be advised that your clothes will get dirty, so do not wear your best suit.


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