No One Under 18 Admitted
There Is a Safety Word
You Have to Sign a Waiver
Your Clothes May Get Dirty

After Dark Helsinki Is the First and the Most Intense Horror Experience in Finland.
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After Dark Helsinki – Three Acts of FAITH Locations: Restaurant Mestaritalli, Töölö, Helsinki
Imatran Valtionhotelli, Imatra
Dates: Imatra – Fri 28.10. | Sat 29.10.
Helsinki – Sun 30.10. | Mon 31.10. | Fri 4.11. | Sat 5.11. | Wed 16.11. | Thu 17.11.
Duration: 2 hours. All shows start at 19.00
Tickets: 70 € until 30.9.2016 (normal price 80 €)

After Dark Helsinki – Three Acts of FAITH is a 2-hour immersive horror experience. You decide how far in the darkness you’ll go. Some will survive the entire experience, some won’t.

All participants have to sign a waiver to consent that their participation is strictly voluntary. There will be a safety word, which, if used, will end the show immediately and the participant will be removed from the location.

No one under 18 admitted. The experience may include graphic scenes, strong language, simulated violence, sexual content, yelling, loud voices, tight spaces, darkness, fog, strobe light effects, strong odors, exposure to water, physical contact, and crawling. Your clothes may get dirty.

After Dark Helsinki is a pop-up Haunted House Experience that has taken place so far in Marian sairaala, an abandoned hospital in the very heart of Helsinki, and Hotel Vuoranta, an abandoned hotel in Eastern Helsinki.

We Interrupt This Program for Some Important Announcements…

After Dark Helsinki pahoittelee vaatteiden läpi tapahtunutta asiatonta koskettelua

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Esityksissämme käsitellään rankkoja ja provokatiivisia aiheita, mutta sekä asiakkaiden että esiintyjiemme turvallisuus on meille ensiarvoisen tärkeä asia. Olemme tehneet tapahtumasta tarvittavat viranomaisilmoitukset ja käyneet esityksen tilat ja kohtaukset läpi Helsingin…

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They Survived

It's clear that the organizers of After Dark Helsinki don't hesitate to go well beyond your comfortable zone.

Juho TyppöHS

They don't make any compromises. Porn on TV is real porn.

Meri LiukkonenKulttuurikuuri / Extempore Culture Blogs

This is the part where I closed my eyes and tried to convince myself that they can’t keep me here forever.


They told me to undress while two women dressed in black pantyhose watched.

Robert HolmströmKallio by Night

My hands were shaking when we got out, but the adrenaline rush said that I should get back in. Wow! What a feeling.

Saya K.Saya K. Blog

I recommend the experience to everyone who's a fan of horror movies and social experiments.

Eero TiainenAllekirjoittanut / Extempore Culture Blogs

What Happened Before